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Even those who snub fusion cuisine may appreciate the efforts of these "Mexiterranean" tacos. Forget south of the border, these shrimp tacos have a Mediterranean twist. There's shrimp, oregano, feta, red onion, and roasted red peppers to start. And then then there's roasted corn, cilantro, a serrano pepper, lime and corn tortillas to round out the Mexican side. You'll need to roast the red pepper and corn before you even start on Step 1 of these instructions. Don’t skip that step. Roasting makes these two vegetables sweeter and more complex, which in turn, does the same for the entire taco.

Forget south of the border, these shrimp tacos get a Mediterranean twist with roasted red peppers, oregano and feta cheese! It’s the perfect recipe to add some variety into your tac.... Read More