Guiltless Indulgence: Sweets with Less Sugar

It's so unfair when all the fall parties begin — plus Halloween! — and you're trying to stay away from sugar. Whatever your reason is, we feel you. Well, you can have your desserts and candy as well as your health too, if you shop and cook a little smarter. These brownies have the best of both worlds: Chewy, chocolately indulgence without the blood-sugar-spiking health risks. Just imagine the deep rich taste of premium Guittard chocolate as it practically melts in your mouth, satisfying your craving for something sweet and snacky. This brownie mix has no aspartame, artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors. There are no sugar alcohols, soy, or gluten. What's in it? Sunflower seeds, cocoa, monkfruit and stevia extracts, and three apples-worth of fiber, to start.