Southern Eats Sans Wheat: Great Gluten-Free Recipes

This gallery is brought to you by our friends at Stella Artois. Luckily for gluten-free folks, lots of classic Southern recipes are naturally free from gluten themselves, but even other down-home dishes that traditionally use wheat flour can be adapted into delicious GF versions. Take these buttermilk biscuits. Flaky and tender with a crisp exterior, they're easy to make and substitute a blend of tapioca flour and sorghum flour with a bit of guar gum for the usual wheat product. Despite the absence of gluten, you'll still want to be careful not to overwork the dough so the biscuits stay fluffy and light. Fresh from the oven, they're a delicious base for sausage gravy or simply a smear of honey butter, and make a perfect side to almost any meal. Speaking of, pour a glass of sweet tea and tuck into the rest of these fabulous gluten-free Southern recipes. You'll never be hungry again.