18 Best Foods from Presidential States

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Any way you slice it, only a fraction of our 50 states have ever produced a president—collectively, they hail from 21 different states by birth, and only 18 by political affiliation. Either way, that's a lot of places left off the map (sorry, Wisconsin, Delaware, Arizona, Oregon, et al...) If you look at the iconic regional foods that might have fueled them on their journeys to the White House, you have to go by state of political affiliation, or the results would seem wrong. For instance, George W. Bush was born in New Haven, Connecticut, but does anyone not associate him with Texas? And while Barack Obama hails from Hawaii, he's definitely a Chicago guy, so we're counting him for Illinois. Other times, the stars align, as with JFK and Bill Clinton, who remain forever associated with their respective home states.

In any case, click through to see what we think each president-producing state might have fed them. And no, hot dogs aren't actually on the list, although FDR did once serve them to the king and queen of England.

By Jen Wheeler