Our Favorite Dessert Bloggers

Michelle Lopez started stress baking in college, and continued her baking therapy after coming home from her horrible day job in Denver, Colorado. Sunken cakes and rock hard cookies made her realize the high altitude changed how she could bake. To learn, she baked through The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook, adjusting leavening and cook times for her high altitude. Today, she's back at sea level in Brooklyn, New York, but the blog name lives on, reminding this experienced baker of her roots. She includes helpful bakers notes at the bottom of her recipes, and links to purchase ingredients, materials, and linens she uses. Recipes are divided into these categories: the classics; bread and loaves; cakes; cookies and bars; cupcakes and muffins; custards, puddings, and flans; donuts and pastries; drinks and syrups; flourless; frosting and decorating techniques; gluten-free; high-altitude; ice cream and candies; no-bake baked goods; pies and tarts; and savory.