11 Essential Kitchen Tools You Need to Make Your Thanksgiving a Success

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OK, so here's the deal: They don't call this Turkey Day for nothing. If you don't have a few basic tools to cook your turkey, then you might as well just drag the family to Denny's on November 24, and be done with it. Yes, the other dishes are important too. Uncle John will grumble under his breath if you don't have the stuffing or mashed potatoes. Mom might tsk-tsk if you've got a sub-par pumpkin pie. No other U.S. holiday is so ostentatiously about the gorging yourself, so you better be prepared. These tools are essential for keeping your hair in your head and well, your family from falling apart. Screwing up is not an option. (No fear-mongering, here … naaah.) So brush up on these Thanksgiving dinner cooking necessities.