Embrace Outdoor Entertaining with These 13 Epic Cooking Tools

Take your outdoor fest on the road and party where ever the views inspire you. It's possible to grill anywhere (well, where it's legal) if you're toting this Sagaform black folding grill that goes in a handy bag. It's made of durable black stainless steel, and has folding legs for a simple storage. It's ideal for camping, small picnics, and tailgaiting parties. Don't forget your charcoal and lighter. It's $50.99. Then you can bring your chicken breasts swimming in their balsamic rosemary marinade and throw them on this grill once you set up camp at the football stadium, the park, the beach, the lake,or the woods. Or heck, your back porch … which is open-air, right? Use our Grilled Chicken Breasts with Balsamic Rosemary Marinade recipe and get grilling.