Elegant New Year's Eve Party Appetizers

There's no holiday party season like the end-of-winter holiday party season, and even if you're exhausted come December 31, New Year's Eve is a perfect excuse for one more shindig. Champagne is a must, of course, and you can serve any number of cocktails and non-alcoholic mocktails (perhaps even seasonal sangria or holiday beer), but you'll also need plenty of food to go with all those drinks. These elegant appetizers are all easy to eat with just one hand, and sophisticated enough to dazzle everyone. Most importantly, they're delicious, and many are surprisingly simple to make.

These miniature croque madames are a bit more time-consuming to put together, but they're both hearty and refined, and will delight guests of any age with their bite-size stature, gooey melted cheese, salty ham, rich béchamel, and tiny quail eggs on top of each one. Keep clicking through the gallery for more fancy favorites.