How to Use Up All Those Eggs

Frittatas are a low-carb dieter's dream. Even if you're not watching your carb intake, they're easier and quicker to make for a weekday breakfast. It's really just a quiche with no crust. You can do almost anything with a frittata as far as the herbs, spices, vegetables, meat and cheese you put inside the egg-milk blend. This is a great way to use leftover turkey and sweet potatoes. You can use sandwhich-style sliced turkey, and then shred it. And if you have baked or mashed sweet potatoes from an earlier meal, by all means, use those. Plus, this recipe uses up six large eggs.

This recipe is presented by Eggland’s Best. Want to cut out your white carbs while enjoying a delicious, hearty breakfast? Meet the sweet potato and turkey frittata. It’s filled with vitamin-packed sweet potatoes, skim milk and partially skim mozzarella, and good protein from eggs and turkey.... Read More