Make Eggs Easier With These Gadgets (+ Pretty Things!)

This is what you do with your eggs once you hardboil them, that is, if you're not eating them whole in those pretty glass egg cups. Place your peeled, hardboiled egg into the egg-shaped cavity and press the top part made of stainless steel wires through the egg. In a second, you have neat slices, great for topping your soup or green salad. Take it a step further for egg salad: After the first slice, turn the egg around and slice perpendicular, for neat cubes that work great mixed with mayonnaise and whatever else you put in your recipe. The solid diecast aluminum is some long-lasting construction. The food-safe powdered coating is designed to meet the stringent food safety requirements of the German LFGB certification process, which exceed those of the FDA and most of Europe. You can also slice bananas, strawberries, soft cheese, and butter. $13.95.