Easter Recipes Perfect for a Picnic

You had us at whipped feta. Then you sealed the deal with not only hot, but sweet, peppers. This is a dip with four kinds of pepper in it. But it's not necessarily a help-it's-burning-my-throat-aaak-my insides-are-on-fire hot. The most unusual pepper is the dried, flaked urfa chile pepper, which has a deep burgundy color and irregularly shaped flakes. Popular in its native Turkey, urfa tastes salty, sweet, smoky, and sour. Then there's Aleppo pepper, the slightly sweet and hot dried, flaked chile pepper from the town of Aleppo in Syria. It's a little hard to get fresh right now. There's Spanish paprika, or pimenton, another dried spice, and then fresh, raw red bell peppers, which are roasted, sweated, peeled and diced. All of it goes into the food processor with a 1-pound block of feta to be whipped until creamy, smooth, and absolutely delicious. Use this dip for flatbread, crudites, crackers, and crostini.

This brightly colored dip from the chef-owner of Oleana in Massachusetts goes well with crackers, flatbread, and crudités. What to buy: You can buy Aleppo chile flakes and crushed Urfa chile at Middle Eastern grocers or online at Juliet Mae or Whole Spice.... Read More