Easter Recipes Perfect for a Picnic

This is a lovely spread to have with some hearty whole grain crackers at your springtime picnic. Pernod-steamed fresh salmon and smoked salmon are mixed with a lemony butter–crème fraîche dressing in this elegant French spread. Rillettes are typically made with pork, but this lighter version meshes with the Easter theme. The clarified butter on top keeps the rillette safe and contained, and it's removed once you are read to eat the rillette. Spread it on crackers, baguette slices, and crostini.

Traditionally, rillettes are made with pork that’s been cooked in seasoned fat and whipped into a spread. This elegant salmon version is lighter, but still has a rich flavor. Marinate and steam fresh salmon in the anise-flavored French liqueur Pernod.... Read More