Easter Recipes Perfect for a Picnic

Flatbread spiced with za'atar is a cool way to replace the usual crackers and bread toasts you serve as vehicles for your dips when entertaining. This flatbread is more interesting, plus it goes great with our whipped feta with four peppers dip. za'atar is a spice blend typically with sumac, sesame seeds, and herbs that differs depending on the Middle Eastern region it comes from, such as Israel, Persia, and Iran. But they all taste great, and none of them have a strong offensive flavor added so any pick will be the right one. This soft, unleavened bread works well as a dipping tool. Plus, when you don't have enough dip for the whole wedge, you don't mind so much when there's that flavorful za'atar all over.

Za’atar is a Middle Eastern seasoning mixture that usually contains thyme, oregano, basil, sumac, and sesame seeds. It’s delicious sprinkled over this soft, pillowy flatbread from the chef-owner of Oleana in Cambridge, Massachusetts.... Read More