Easter Dinner Recipes to Please a Crowd

It's simple, and it's a classic. Ham and peas are a traditional pairing, like Easter and ham are. Come to think of it, the spring season goes really well with peas too. With all this coupling going on, we need a touch of lemon zest to keep the ingredients alert and behaving. Start off by sauteeing shallots or onions in butter. Then you add 1 cup of small-dice, fully cooked smoked ham and cook it until it renders the fat. Now is the time for the peas, which are better fresh, of course, but the frozen variety is totally accepted in this case.

This simple, classic side dish can be eaten all year round, thanks to the convenience of frozen peas. (They don’t even have to be thawed before cooking.) Serve it with Stovetop Macaroni and Cheese.... Read More