Easter Dinner Recipes to Please a Crowd

Cook book author Patricia Wells created a hearty salad recipe full of crunchy textures and topped with a lemony, light, yet creamy dressing. It calls for 3 ounces of semi-firm cheese, such as Gouda, Comte, or a young Asiago. One pound of green or purple asparagus, with the tough stems trimmed, comprise the base of the salad, and 4 ounces of snow peas, cut on the bias, add interest. Two teaspoons of finely grated lemon zest brighten the dish. Salty, savory pancetta makes the salad heartier and adds another color, and the roasted, salted almonds provide another kind of crunch and flavor.

This salad was created on the fly with ingredients that cookbook author Patricia Wells found at the San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.... Read More