Great Easter Dessert Recipes for Entertaining

Kiwi is another springtime fruit, and a not-often used one at that. Peel the fuzzy coating, and then slice into pretty rounds or half-rounds before soaking the mild, lime-green fruit in honey. This rich (somewhat heavy), creamy, New York–style cheesecake is the perfect complement to your light kiwi creation. This cheesecake is best after it's been refrigerated overnight, so you can make this a day or even two days before your Easter dinner. It requires a lot of time sitting in the oven after baking, and then more time for cooling.

Rich and creamy with a slightly lemony flavor, this crowd-pleaser should be your go-to cheesecake recipe. Topping it with honey-soaked kiwi adds a hint of exotic tartness, but leave off the fruit if you’re serving cheesecake purists. (Or, try our classic cheesecake recipe.... Read More