Great Easter Dessert Recipes for Entertaining

Apricots are a spring fruit, and eggs in general are traditionally considered an Easter staple, so this could be the ideal dessert for entertaining for the holiday. Constructed like a lemon meringue pie, this tangy dessert has a smooth apricot filling, an almond crust, and a fluffy toasted-meringue topping. You'll need a pound of peeled, cubed apricots, which you puree with lemon juice and strain. Pie weights keep the dough from puffing up too much, but if you don't have those, dried beans would work.

A good lemon meringue pie has a balance of tangy filling, flaky crust, and sweet toasted-meringue topping. This apricot version starts with a press-in crust that has ground almonds to complement the fruit. The filling is made with fresh apricots to keep it tangy, similar to the classic lemon.... Read More