Dishes That Will Impress Your In-Laws

Shaving any vegetable into thin slices makes it seem more delicate, more refined. Aspargus is already an elegant vegetable. It's a lovely bright green with a long, slender stalk. Often we roast or saute it, but this time we leave asparagus raw, like you do with lettuce in a salad. Thin slices of raw asparagus are coated in a lemon vinaigrette, for an easy spring salad. The shaved cheese and pine nuts give you the necessary fat to make this a special salad worthy of your in-laws.

Shaved salads are a simple way to showcase the best of farmers’ market vegetables. Thinly slice vegetables using a vegetable peeler, toss them in a lemony vinaigrette, and top with salty cheese, like Parmesan, and nuts.... Read More