Dessert Recipes to Celebrate Spring

A recipe is indisputably simple when the instructions don't go beyond two steps. So this sorbet is simple to make, a statement we can make with assurance. Of course, there's always a way to make things more complicated. Buy a whole, fresh pineapple, and you will need to cut off the rough skin, and chop it up, then freeze the chunks before you begin. When you do begin, you'll be dealing with a delicious combination of frozen pineapple, rum, lime juice, sugar, and ice, blended and then tossed in the freezer. That's pretty much it. Really.

You don’t need to pull out the ice cream maker for this elegant cold dessert. Just blend frozen pineapple with rum, lime juice, simple syrup, and ice, then freeze the mixture until solid and scoopable. This tart, tropical sorbet hits the mark as both an after-dinner cocktail and a dessert.... Read More