Three Degrees of Smoothie Separation

Smoothies can be the answer to your need for a quick, healthy, filling breakfast, post-workout snack, or dessert, as long as the ingredient list doesn't get complicated. We keep it simple and manageable for you with these top picks, none of which have more than three ingredients. Maggie Zhu of the Omnimvore's Cookbook blog takes us through her three recipe fails that led her to this simple masterpiece. She compares it to vanilla ice cream! Besides avocado (make sure it's ripe: Fail No. 2), there's ripe, frozen banana, and milk. And no vanilla or sweetener. The banana has a lot of sugar in already. Plus, it's creamy, and with creamy avocado, it's like a double wallop of creaminess. Sipping on this drink, you're getting healthy fat, protein, potassium, and calcium. Get the recipe.