Dairy All Day, All Night: Recipes for Dairy Lovers

Berries and cream go together like … peanut butter and jelly. It's a marriage that just can't fail. For this rich strawberry shortcake layer cake recipe, light and tender vanilla chiffon cake is filled with macerated strawberries and softly whipped cream. The wet and dry ingredients are mixed separately, like you usually do for cakes, but reserve the whites of the eggs. Beating the egg whites seperately, adding sugar, and then whipping the whites until all foamy before adding it to the wet-dry mixture makes the cake all spongy and light. Make sure not to overwhip the heavy cream, which is flavored with sugar and vanilla.

Think of this as a classic strawberry shortcake writ large—a rich yet light and tender layer cake that’s the perfect centerpiece for a summertime dessert table. Vanilla chiffon cake is fluffed up with softly whipped cream and filled with macerated strawberries.... Read More