Dairy All Day, All Night: Recipes for Dairy Lovers

Fans of drinkable dairy, there's something else you gotta try besides chocolate milk, milkshakes, and smoothies. A mango lassi may just be the most popular blended Indian drink. It's made with mango, yogurt, lime, and a dash of cardamom. You can swap the fruits, depending on what you have around, but don't leave out the yogurt. That's the foundation of a lassi. We recommend organic, plain, whole-milk yogurt, especially the kind with cream on top because with fewer stabilizers, they're more fluid. Unlike smoothies, you don't blend the ice.

This cooling drink is popular in India. It can be made with a variety of fruit (or no fruit at all), but always contains yogurt and water. This version also contains cardamom. American versions are often sweeter than their Indian counterparts. We chose to go the less sweet route here.... Read More