Be the Coolest Kid in the Cafeteria with These 11 Back-to-School Items

When it comes finding school supplies, lunchtime matters. Your child or teen has to parade about his or peers all year long, toting the lunch box or bag to the cafeteria every day. You want something your child likes, but you also need it to have roomy compartments that seal well to prevent spillage. And a thermos or water bottle is a must-have too, if you're trying to reduce waste. This PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag has more than two dozen colors and designs. It's designed to keep contents cool up to 10 hours and fits fits a sandwich, snack and a a 12-ounc drink . There's a freezable gel permanently built into the liner. The buckle-handle clips onto totes, backpacks, and strollers. You can wipe clean the interior and spot-clean the exterior.