Comfort Foods We Love

Carbs and salt. It's the savory side some prefer over sugary carbs. These bites are even better when pierced with a toothpick and then topped with a cube of cheese. Dip in some good mustard, either yellow if you're keeping it classic, or Dijon if you want to jazz it up. Even so, these pretzel bites are beautifully browned and chewy, because you boiled them in water containing dissolve baking soda, painted them with an egg wash and salt, and then you baked them. For best results, eat while still warm.

Chewy-soft, gorgeously browned, and topped with crunchy salt, these pretzel bites are the perfect coffee-table nibble for watching the game or as the opening salvo in an Oktoberfest party. You begin by making a straightforward yeast dough and letting it rise.... Read More