Comfort Foods We Love

There are many imposters lining the store shelves, promising you a steaming mug of creamy, rich, decadent drinkable chocolate. They're all lies — lies, we tell you! The only way receive the promise of such chocolatey heaven, otherwise known as authentic hot chocolate, is to buy great-quality milk chocolate (41 percent at least), chop it, and melt it in milk and cream while you whisk. Marshmallows make it even better, and toasted? The best. You don't even need us to explain why the squishy marshmallows are so superior to the crunchy stale kind inside those packets of hot chocolate powder. Ugh.

When made right, hot chocolate is one of the most satisfying drinks out there. So get some good-quality chocolate and make the real deal—you’ll thank us. What to buy: For this recipe, use high-end chocolate, such as the 41 percent milk chocolate from Chocolates El Rey.... Read More