Comfort Foods We Love

This delicious broccoli-cheddar potato skins recipe is perfect for game day, movie marathons, or any couch-potato situation. The recipe has only five ingredients, not counting salt, pepper, and oil. So that's a comfort when you want something basic and delicious. These skins win. Plus, they're a vehicle for cheesy broccoli, which is such a healthy vegetable. And when you eat the skin of a potato, that means you're getting a lot more nutrition too, fiber included. So go forth and bake those skins. Scoop 'em, fill 'em, and chow down.

Game-day snacks with a healthy twist, these potato skins allow you to scarf over the coffee table and get a healthy serving of fresh broccoli. All you do is bake small russet potatoes until tender and scoopable, then remove most of the insides.... Read More