Class Up Your Thanksgiving Sans the Cost

Elegant often means simple, clean lines, and without a lot of patterns going on. You can have a festive Thanksgiving table without going all crazy. The goal if for it to be classy, warm, and inviting. Good candle-lighting is one of the easiest ways to achieve that atmosphere. So keep your candle holders simple. You can swap out different colors of candles to coordinate with the rest of your table. Low votives enable guests to see and talk to each other across the table with no obstructions. These petite hurricane votive holders are made of high quality glass and are 2 3/8-inches tall and 2 3/8 inches wide. The candles are sold separately, but a set of 12 is only $8. The glass is hand-blown so the bottom may not be totally flat for the candle. The company can provide an adhesive at no charge upon request. Price: $14.99 for a set of 12.