Great Ways to Use Up Cabbage

Pork and cabbage are a palatable pair. We see evidence of their heavenly match in this American-Chinese crispy fried egg roll recipe, which stuffs the egg rolls with shiitake mushrooms and carrots as well. Don't forget to make the tangy soy dipping sauce too, which includes chile oil unseasoned rice vinegar, or Chinkiang, or balsamic vinegar. The sauce completes these deep-fried, crunchy rolls. The pork is flavored with soy sauce, rice wine, peanut oil, garlic, and ginnger. And of course, the cabbage contributes a medium-level crunch and fiber.

Crispy fried egg rolls were introduced to American Chinese restaurants in the 1930s (Lum Fong, a restaurant on Canal Street in New York City’s Chinatown, claimed to have been the first to put them on th menu).... Read More