How To Use Up Bread

Two entire loaves of bread go into this stuffing classic, made with a pound of sweet Italian sausage, sweet Hungarian paprika, chopped fresh Italian parsley, thyme leaves, and sage leaves. The recipe says to use an unsliced loaf of wheat bread, but not whole or multigrain,and one unsliced loaf of white bread. You slice off the crust lengthwise, cube it, and process it until it's in small, rough pieces, almost like breadcrumbs, but bigger pieces. This may be a winter holiday tradition, but you can make it any time. We're sure your family won't complain.

This is our Thanksgiving side dish baseline, the stuffing recipe we come back to year after year. It’s easy to put together, cooks well both inside and outside the bird, and has wide appeal for a house full of holiday dinner guests (well, except for our vegan cousin, Janis—sorry Janis!).... Read More