Best Brazilian Recipes to Celebrate the 2016 Olympics Opening Ceremony

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Drink and eat like a Brazilian when the 2016 Olympics kick off Friday, August 5, at Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro. When the opening ceremony begins, watch it on TV with friends and a festive spread complete with pão de queijo snacks and caipirinha drinks. A good main course would be moqueca, a Brazilian fish stew that's easy to make. You just gotta have dende, or palm oil. Serve it over white rice — and if you really want to be authentic — topped with farofa. Farofa is made of farinha de manioca, a coarse meal made from manioc (tapioca) root. You can toast farinha in a skillet, adding salt and diced onions if you want more flavor to it. Eating it with moqueca helps to soak up the liquid from the stew. (Photo: Manna and Quail)