Biscuit Bonanza

The rumors are true: the world really needs more biscuits. Whether smothered in gravy at breakfast or brunch, or served alongside a hearty dinner, the kind that come from a can are easy, of course, and have plenty of fans, but homemade biscuits (especially if you start with the drop variety), are hardly any more difficult, and well worth the extra effort. The key to tender, flaky biscuits is using a light touch when mixing and handling the dough. From basic buttermilk to more elaborately seasoned specimens (even some worthy of dessert), here are a baker's dozen to inspire you to break out your mixing bowl. This sweet potato biscuit recipe features a heaping cup of baked, mashed sweet potatoes that are incredibly moist and lend a beautiful golden orange hue. You can make the biscuits as big or small as you want, and freeze them in batches before baking if you want to plan ahead for the perfect Sunday morning. Brush the tops of the biscuits with heavy cream to make sure that they brown nice and evenly.