Bar Snacks for Baseball Season

Don't they sell these things in the ball park? So if you're watching the game at home with friends and family, make your own soft pretzel. You won't have to scout the pretzel guy and wonder how clean it actually is. This is a DIY version that's great with beer. Get a top shelf mustard too, or a make an oozy cheese dip. You could even go with Velveeta, which isn't quite in the cheese category to us, but more in a league of its own. But these pretzels, crafted by your own hands, will be soft and salty and really make the day, regardless of who wins.

The flavor of this soft pretzel recipe will beat any street vendor’s wares. Our soft pretzels are an excellent match with beer; try serving them at your next party with Fig Mustard, Sweet Hot Mustard, Honey Mustard, or even an Irish Cheddar and Stout Fondue.... Read More