Bar Snacks for Baseball Season

Classics from childhood don't always need an update. Pigs in a blanket, those little hot dogs wrapped in puff pastry, don't need much tweaking to be a strong contender for scrumptious game-day grub. But do sprinkle on some poppy or sesame seeds, so it's not exactly like what the favorite party nibble was in the '80s and '90s. The extra texture is welcome. So is a slightly nuanced condiment for dipping your dogs. Why not try a hot-sweet mustard. It's nothing schmancy, but it could evoke a cheer from the crowd.

Pigs in blankets—hot dogs baked in squares of buttery, flaky pastry—are things we think of making for the kids, then end up scarfing ourselves. In other words, their appeal is ageless. Maybe, when you were small, your mom used canned biscuit dough.... Read More