Asparagus Recipes for Spring

Using a 7-by-11-inch rectangular tart pan with fluted eges is the first way this quiche is a step above the average quiche. Keeping the asparagus whole adds dramatic flair. You see their long, elegent beauty, tucked within the fluffy ricotta and egg filling. This is a A traditional French recipe, using tender asparagus made softer by peeling the stalks, baked into a quiche with a flaky crust that you make all on your own. Crafting your own crust with simply butter, flour, salt, and water means this is a real handmade culinary creation.

This delicate spring quiche keeps its asparagus spears whole—a stunning presentation for a brunch or supper buffet. You begin by making a flaky all-butter tart shell, using the French technique known as fraisage.... Read More