Summer's Favorite Side Dish: The Potato Salad

It's pretty standard to make a potato salad for the coming picnics and barbecues of summer, but your salad itself can be superlative, rather than simply standard. Potatoes and mayonnaise don't seem like they could qualify as a salad, but it's tradition, so that's that. We'll take it. There are plenty of salads that surpass that standard, and we've got them. A couple of these recipes have a main protein, but if you don't want to eat that type of meat, egg or fish, skip over it and head right to the, ahem, salad. This steak salad with tomato vinaigrette is basically a potato salad recipe with thin-sliced steak. OK, there is parsley, celery, scallions, and a tangy tomato dressing. So this salad is brimming with nutrition and all. Or if it makes you enjoy it better, just dig into your meat and potatoes. Any way you look at it, this is a winner.