Recipes to Enjoy Taco Night at Home

Here's another kind of meaty taco we haven't touched upon yet. Spanish chorizo is such a powerfully savory meat. The Mexican pork sausage with potent red chiles is a real treat. Within the sausage, there's often garlic, oregano, thyme, allspice, cloves and other spices. For these tacos, which could be for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you start by cooking potatoes, dicing them, then browning them in a pan with oil. You add the chorizo and cook with the potatoes to give the potatoes that wonderful sausage-y flavor too. You fry your eggs individually, and place one on each warmed tortilla, filling in the chorizo, garlic, onion, and potato mixture.

Spanish chorizo and diced potatoes mingle with sunny-side-up fried eggs in these lush breakfast tacos.... Read More