60 Impressive Birthday Cake Recipes

It's amazing what you can do with this childhood staple. Gelled together by marshmallow cream, Rice Krispies are just waiting for any container to transform into a cool mold. Stack the shapes, whether square, round or whatever, and you can even incorporate other colorful cereals, such as Fruity Pebbles, for color and flavor. Using a sugar-and-egg-white glaze as glue, decorate your "cake" with M&Ms, gummy bears, chocolate chips, gummy worms, Skittles, Sno-Caps — you name it. Build and go to town with the candy. This is a great birthday solution for kids who don’t like cake or frosting.

This cake doesn’t require any intricate steps or complex baking techniques. Just whip up some Rice Krispies Treats mixture, press it into molds, and use the results as building blocks for a unique cake.... Read More