60 Impressive Birthday Cake Recipes

You know what cheese pairs so well with dessert that you can't imagine it being used in savory ways? Besides, well, ricotta and cream cheese. We're talking mascarpone. It's such a beautiful marriage with berries you can't imagine it cheating with pasta. This rich, easy, no-bake dessert combines chocolate wafers, fresh blackberries, blackberry coulis, and blackberry liqueur. Make the coulis with blackberries, sugar, and blackberry liqueur. You heat it in a saucepan until reduced by half, then blend, strain, and cool. No need to make the chocolate wafers, so this is actually a pretty easy cake recipe, but fancy at the same time.

A rich, easy, no-bake dessert with layer after layer of chocolate wafers and blackberry-laced mascarpone cream. Special equipment: We used a 9-inch springform pan and a pastry spatula to assemble the cake, though you could use a large platter and a rubber spatula.... Read More