2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Salt is the cornerstone of any good meal, drawing out flavor and sometimes asserting itself in its own right. Jacobsen’s Salt Co. makes fine flake and kosher sea salts harvested from Netarts Bay on the Oregon coast. Coffee lovers might get a buzz off the pure flake sea salt infused with the beans and cold brew of Portland’s famed Stumptown Coffee Roasters. Use the Eat 5-ounce Stumptown Coffee salt as a finishing salt for ice cream and baked goods, as well as steaks and roasted vegetables. Sprinkle tomato basil salt, garlic salt, and fragrant rosemary salt on fresh mozzarella, heirloom tomatoes, meatballs, Tuscan kale, or pasta using the Italian Collection. We can all reap the rewards of truffle hunters, whose efforts are encompassed by the 1.5-ounce Oregon black truffle salt, which enriches everything from simple pastas and popcorn to meats and roasted vegetables. The cedar plank set comes with two planks drilled to fit a jar of the grilling salt infused with lemon zest, smoked salt, black pepper, and thyme, brightening your salmon and meats as you grill them.