Great Ways to Make Burgers at Home

If you're looking to make a burger patty out of something other than beef, salmon is like the seafood equivalent. This vividly pink saltwater fish is so flavorful on its own, what with all those healthy fats inside, that you don't need to add many spices. This recipe calls for only shallots, Italian parsley, celery seeds, salt, and pepper, besides the standard eggs and bread crumbs. Of course, there are great topping options like soy rémoulade, jalapeño tartar sauce and mango salsa. So make this easy, fresh salmon burger recipe and you'll never want to buy a premade patty again. (Oh, the horror!)

Who doesn’t love a great burger? But if you’re looking to avoid red meat, this juicy, fresh grilled salmon burger is easy to make and just as hearty as its beef counterpart.... Read More