13 Ways to Use Swiss Chard

When it comes to the world of leafy greens, Swiss chard might just take the title of Miss Congeniality. Unlike spinach, it doesn’t wilt and shy away at the slightest touch of heat. And compared to collard greens and kale, it doesn’t work overtime to prove how green, hardy, and hale it is. Instead, Swiss chard aims to be an easy-to-like, all-purpose vegetable, delicate enough to eat in a salad while also strong enough to hold up to a braise. Here are 13 different ways to enjoy your chard, which prove that all it really wants is to be liked, no matter which way you cook it.

When paired together, Swiss chard and lentils make for a warm salad that can go either way. They’re light enough to pass as a side, yet at the same time they have enough oomph to make for a satisfying main.

Adding green or brown lentils to sautéed chard makes a filling, healthy side dish. First cook the lentils with onion and garlic for a little extra flavor, then stir them into the sautéed chard.... Read More