13 Recipes to Fulfill your Nutella Desires

We're going all out here on the Nutella addiction, so why not throw alcohol into the mix? Come onnnn, it'll be fun. What could possibly go wrong with a boozy, hazelnut-cream-topped hot chocolate? ... Or two? We're guessing this warm, creamy, nutty, sweet drink will be too rich to do much damage. Just maybe don't drive, and we'll all be happy. We do realize one serving is only a tablespoon of brandy and an eighth-cup of hazelnut liqueur like Frangelico, but who knows, you or one of your revelers could be a lightweight. And this is a heavy, heady drink.

Some say bacon makes everything better; I say Nutella is the magic enhancer. And here, hazelnut liqueur enhances the flavors of the chocolate-hazelnut spread. You could also use a different nut liqueur like walnut, for double nuttiness.... Read More