13 Recipes to Fulfill your Nutella Desires

This dessert just isn't fair. We are helpless with wanton desire, already dreaming of luxuriating in its clutches after merely a glance. This rich, luscious cheesecake has a triple dose of chocolate and hazelnuts in the form of a crust made from chocolate wafers and hazelnuts, a Nutella filling, and a creamy Nutella topping, garnished with more hazelnuts. I mean, really. What choice do we all have, but to give in and wallow in this intense ecstasy that's amped up to triple decadence?

This luscious dessert is rich enough to blur the line between cheesecake and chocolate torte. The buttery crumb crust combines crushed chocolate wafers and hazelnuts, the filling marries cream cheese and Nutella, and the creamy topping is a Nutella ganache.... Read More