13 Recipes to Fulfill your Nutella Desires

For some of us, this is the first way we look to incorporate more Nutella into our lives. With brownies, of course. It's almost a no-brainer. A rich, dark chocolate Nutella brownie recipe to satisfy that craving leading you into ever-more Nutella creations. This is a great start because it only requires six ingredients, and two of those barely count. Salt? Doesn't count. And the crushed pistachios (not pictured) are optional. So four, yes four, ingredients are all that you need to shop for to make this happen. It could be you only need to buy a(nother) jar of Nutella.

We love Nutella just about as much as we love brownies. Our loves collide in these rich chocolate squares that look like ordinary brownies but bloom, when you take a bite, with hazelnut goodness of everybody’s favorite crêpe spread.... Read More