13 Recipes to Fulfill your Nutella Desires

We know the term is over-used. But really. This is food porn. The things this challah or brioche did to reach such a Nutella nirvana were deliciously indecent, and we can't stop looking. This stack of soft, buttered, battered, fried French toast with hazelnutty-chocolatey Nutella oozing and dripping out is calling to us. It's beckoning us to taste it, taste it again, and again ... and groan with pleasure. If this rich Nutella-stuffed French toast doesn't make you lick your lips in anticipation, we don't know what will.

It’s our favorite spread for sweet crêpes, but Nutella also makes a luscious, unexpected filling for French toast. The key is using challah bread, cut thick and slit to create a pocket in the center of each slice.... Read More