11 Cheap Recipes To Make Now

You’ve already paid your rent this month and your bank account has taken a major hit—but don’t worry, you’re not relegated to an entire month of canned goods and dried beans. Looking to make dinner on the cheap? Chowhound’s got you covered: if you think takeout is cheap, you haven’t tried these recipes. With more flavor (and bang) for your buck than you can even imagine, cooking at home is the new takeout! Why bother ordering Thai food when you can whip up one of these recipes in only a few minutes and save a few dozen bucks? That takeout budget adds up week after week and with these recipes you’ll have leftovers for lunch and snacks as well. There’s no excuse: check out our eleven cheap recipes to change up your go-to recipes for 2017.

Crock pot taco soup is the ultimate in flexible: toss in your favorite ingredients and then serve, garnished with sour cream, cheese, and jalapenos. You can use chicken, beef, or even pork, depending on what the crowd desires.

Tex-Mex taco soup deserves its own meme—the mix of ground beef, beans, tomatoes, and green chilies shows up in countless soup and casserole recipes. Here, we’ve calibrated it for the slow cooker, definitely the easiest (and arguably the most satisfying) version yet.... Read More