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Better than bouillon?

by jcattles 8 years ago

I can't find my favorite store bought chicken broth/stock lately. (kitchen basics) I found a container of Better than...


acgold7 commented 1 day ago

Where to find parboiled brown rice?

by misterno 12 days ago

After doing some research on the internet, I finally understood that parboiled brown rice is the most nutritious ...


misterno commented 4 days ago

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Smithfield Hickory Smoked Sliced Pork Jowl Bacon

by Melanie Wong 5 days ago

Visiting Palm Springs last month, I stopped at the Stater Brothers market in TwentyNine Palms on the way back from Jo...

Favorite canned chili

by MGParker 7 days ago

A buddy likes to take canned soups and chili to his cabin when he goes hunting with his friends. He heats up a can i...


MikeG commented 6 days ago

Canned clam dilemma

by Deborah R. 1 month ago

I just discovered, to my dismay, that Trader Joe's has discontinued carrying its brand of canned clams. The whole cla...


MGParker commented 6 days ago

Blue Cheese Dressing - best brand?

by epoisse 12 years ago

I don't always have time to make homemade salad dressing and my DH LOVES good blue cheese dressing. What is your fav...


cloverstitches commented 7 days ago

Is my Kirkland olive oil real?

by trolley 3 years ago

I know this has been a big topic for a while. I read about it and then sort of shelved the idea that my extra virgin ...


Tony1234 commented 7 days ago

Endangered and Extinct: Taco Flavored Doritos

by Jason Perlow 16 years ago

Ok this will probably cause me to lose any respect I had on this board... but here goes... Yes, I realize they probab...


HUNGRYMAN8 commented 8 days ago

Junket Rennet Custard?

by Douglas C. Ewing 13 years ago

Does anyone else remember this product? Is it still available?

JodyandEddie commented 10 days ago

Blum's Almondettes

by Alice 17 years ago

Does anyone remember Blum's Almondettes? I assume they're history by now, but if you ever spot them, please post!


hbkawachi commented 11 days ago

Anyone here remember old/discontinued Stella d'Oro products?

by saucygalnyc 5 years ago

I remember a product that (I believe) used to be produced by Stella d"Oro. It was a dense hard flower shaped "cook...


penni commented 11 days ago

Question about Boston Coffee Cake company

by ebchower 1 month ago

For Christmas, a company we give business to sent us several coffee cakes from The Boston Coffee Cake co. of North An...


catsmeow commented 13 days ago

What discontinued products do you miss?

by Miri1 6 years ago

I grew up in a veggie household, and one of my favorite things was a canned sandwich spread type thing called Nuteena...


luvcubs commented 14 days ago

Frozen Chopped Clams, Chemical Free

by zackly 17 days ago

I'm looking to source frozen chopped clams that don't have added chemicals. I use them for stuffed clams, fritters, p...


zackly commented 15 days ago


by jibrat 18 days ago

I bought these dumplings (CJ Meat & Vegetable) on a cool day and they were sitting in my car for a bit...maybe like a...


masha commented 18 days ago

Shortbread Cookies in the blue can

by Shaylala 9 years ago

I am having a craving for the shortbread cookies in the blue can. Not the holiday cookie mix blue can it was in a cof...


ac_pallens42 commented 21 days ago

Favorite discontinued food items

by hamiltonheights 1 year ago

What are some great discontinued food items that come to mind? I used to love Pepperidge Farm Capri cookies, and they...


mary30 commented 22 days ago

Are there any brands of crispbreads that are actually edible?

by omotosando 9 years ago

For breakfast, I had a Wasa Light Rye crispbread. What's not to like? 30 calories and 7 grams of carbohydrates (only...


DAXMICHAELS commented 23 days ago

Do you remember the BEST EASTER CANDY EGGS EVER? [moved from Manhattan board]

by wietog 7 years ago

When I was a kid in NY (upstate) during the '70's, one of my aunts would give each child who visited her home during ...


lpcsh commented 23 days ago

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