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Bay Area Bites Taste Test: Local, Sustainable Whole Milk

by Melanie Wong 3 days ago

A taste-off by KQED's Bay Area Bites of six top California dairies whole milk along with info on pasteurization, homo...


Ridge commented 3 days ago

Ilios Frozen Wood Fired Thin Crust Pizzas

by Ghostquatre 6 days ago

I've been seeing this new product for the past week at Supermarche PA and I think Marche Futai as well. They are on s...


lagatta commented 3 days ago

The Nabisco Royal Lunch Milk Crackers Dilemma

by anutternate 9 years ago

These were the best crackers around and unfortunately have been discontinued after a 90 plus year run. One of the fir...


island17 commented 5 days ago

What new flavor of M&Ms would you like to see?

by chompie 4 years ago

After trying the Candy Corn and seeing that they have pumpkin pie ones and birthday cake coming out, I was wondering ...


coll commented 6 days ago

Anyone remember Ritter Ketchup?

by FISHINC 9 years ago

Wish they still made it. A little spicy, remember it from my childhood and can still taste it!


RicktheK commented 7 days ago

What Discontinued Products Do You Miss?

by Miri1 7 years ago

I grew up in a veggie household, and one of my favorite things was a canned sandwich spread type thing called Nuteena...


Angelus2013 commented 8 days ago

does SEALTEST still exist??

by mark grossman 15 years ago

does the sealtest brand of milk/ice cream/cottage cheese still exist in the USA?? according to some web research, it ...


lewmorgan commented 8 days ago

Fox's U-Bet

by Unkle Al 10 days ago

I have tried and failed to make a chocolate syrup as good as Fox’s U-Bet. So, I have given up and intend to buy the ...


gavspen commented 8 days ago

Jarred Taramosalata (Krinos Brand) -- How Long Will it Keep in the Fridge?

by litchick 9 years ago

I have a jar of Krinos brand Taramosalata that has been in the fridge for probably 9 months or so. I forgot about it...


heniya commented 9 days ago

Best brand of Basmati rice?

by helena143 10 days ago

HI everyone, it's been a while since we have debated Basmati brands. In the meantime I have really noticed that Tilda...


saregama commented 10 days ago

How can I get Franco-American Mac and Cheese?

by tarsandbeetle 6 years ago

I am really hoping someone out there can direct me to a site/suggestion on how I can purchase Franco-American Mac & C...


outrayjust commented 10 days ago

"Texas Toast"

by stuartpidasso 1 month ago

Can anyone tell me where to buy (I think) it's called Texas Toast in S.F. or Oakland area. It's not actually toast, ...


Ttrockwood commented 11 days ago

Really Great Senbei?

by Jim Leff 10 years ago

When I visited Japan, I acquired a taste, unfortunately, for really good senbei (those crunchy soy-dipped crackers). ...


ricepad commented 11 days ago

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Discontinued Uneeta Biscuits

by totallydisgusted 12 days ago

My beloved grandmom who past away in the late 70's used to send me to the grocery store to buy Nabisco's Uneeta Biscu...

Which packaged bacon is sliced the thinnest?

by small h 3 years ago

This thread http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/906628?commentId=8153588#8153588 mentions Hormel and Kroger. Any o...


Shaunnmunn commented 12 days ago

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Gourmet Burgers On Sale

by zackly 16 days ago

My supermarket, Shoprite, is offering so-called gourmet hamburger patties at discounted prices (see photo of weekly c...

Question: When do Pillsbury Crescent Rolls expire?

by jpmcd 9 years ago

I just found a package of them in my fridge...the only expiration date I saw on it was for a upc code promotion that ...


acgold7 commented 26 days ago


by kernel 8 years ago

Please help settle this-I believe that many years ago Arnold sold cookies in bags similar to the Pepperidge Farm bags...


Stardust55 commented 1 month ago