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Packaged Foods

See what Chowhounds have to say about Oreo cookies, Entenmann's cakes, bottled salad dressing, frozen pizzas, bouillon cubes, candy, potato chips, and so much more.

Van deKamps cookies

by Dee 18 years ago

Does anyone know if Van dekamps still produces Baked Goods? Years ago they made a small Sugar Cookie that was the bes...


WINDELLA commented 3 hours ago

Product Comparable to Trappeys Torrido Santa Fe Grande Peppers?

by mmmbuttery 2 days ago

I used them in my favorite shrimp dip recipe but it looks like they’ve been discontinued :-( Is anyone familiar with...


Ttrockwood commented 1 day ago

Are Mama Lucia meatballs any good?

by stratford 7 years ago

Seen many TV ads for them and seen them in the supermarket in the frozen section. How do they taste? Worth buying?


Spicy_Meatballs commented 2 days ago

Whatever happened to Team Flakes?

by Michael Kleinman 16 years ago

Does anyone know if Nabisco still makes Team Flakes? I have not seen them in years and they were one of my favorite c...


Mike1963 commented 5 days ago

Aldi's own Sriracha

by lastZZ 3 years ago

Has anyone tried this? The only Sriracha I have ever seen in America is the Huy Fong Rooster. I'll prolly buy some t...


edw265 commented 9 days ago

Sriracha vs "chili garlic sauce"

by fldhkybnva 6 years ago

Is there a difference between the Sriracha (Huy Fong brand) in the bottle with the squeeze green cap vs the smaller p...


ricepad commented 10 days ago

Boyco Foods Buckwheat Honey @ Portland Farmers Market at PSU

by Melanie Wong 11 days ago

One of the most unique things tasted at the Saturday morning Portland Farmers Market

Melanie Wong

Melanie Wong commented 10 days ago

Three Sisters Nixtamal Tortillas @ Portland Farmers Market @ PSU

by Melanie Wong 11 days ago

Continuing our rounds of the Saturday morning Portland Farmers Market,


stevewi commented 11 days ago

Does anybody remember the name of this cookie?

by Mariposa06 6 years ago

I hope someone can help me. I write a blog, and I want to write as part of a "Products I Miss" post a cookie I enjoy...


jason84 commented 11 days ago

Snows clam chowder tragedy

by 1chowhound 7 years ago

I've seen some other postings regarding Snows clam chowder and just wanted to add my two cents.I too have been using ...


inielsen commented 13 days ago

Does anyone remember this candy bar?

by lvecch 12 years ago

I've asked many people about this over the years, and no one has any recollection of it, but here goes: a solid choco...


sgoslar commented 19 days ago

Best store bought pickles

by da_seuss 8 years ago

Simply put, i went to the doctor and found that i should go on a diet. It looks like sandwiches will be on the lunch...

Perilagu Khan

Perilagu Khan commented 21 days ago

Nabisco Brown edge Wafers

by chazzerking 10 years ago

Has anyone seen these in the last couple of years? I used to use them as a pantry staple, to serve with coffee or ice...


MIAbites commented 22 days ago

Canadian Honeycomb Cereal Has Changed

by Bogframe 2 years ago

My wife moved to New York to marry me 14 years ago. Every time one of her sisters/brothers comes to visit, they know ...


Bogframe commented 22 days ago

The Nabisco Royal Lunch Milk Crackers Dilemma

by anutternate 9 years ago

These were the best crackers around and unfortunately have been discontinued after a 90 plus year run. One of the fir...


kon613 commented 23 days ago

D-TRAIN'S Hot Pepper Sauce

by Mike 15 years ago

I recently had a habanero based hot sauce at a restaurant in Connecticut that was superb, D-TRAIN'S Hot Pepper Sauce....


DonShirer commented 30 days ago

Vanilla sandwich cookies from the 70s/80s

by mariahan 4 years ago

I'm trying to remember the name/manufacturer of vanilla cream sandwich cookies from my childhood. I grew up in the Mi...


pathamilton commented 1 month ago

Straus Organic Chocolate Milk

by Melanie Wong 1 month ago

A month ago I tasted Straus Family Creamery's new organic whole chocolate milk. I actually walked past the sample tab...

Melanie Wong

Melanie Wong commented 1 month ago