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Packaged Foods

See what Chowhounds have to say about Oreo cookies, Entenmann's cakes, bottled salad dressing, frozen pizzas, bouillon cubes, candy, potato chips, and so much more.

Canned Tomatoes; check to make sure Calcium Chloride is NOT an ingrediant!!

by ryan 15 years ago

What do you guys and girls think about Calcium Chloride? My vauge understanding of canning tomatoes is as follows: t...


michi123 commented 10 hours ago

Golden Grain Marinara Sauce

by sexychef 9 years ago

I have heard so much raves about this marinara sauce made by a company called Golden Grain. I just have to know wher...


Jasatt commented 4 days ago

Ready Made Romesco Sauce

by Apprentice 6 days ago

Any recommendations for a ready made/off the shelf Romesco sauce? TIA.


ferret commented 6 days ago

Mad hunt for vintage candy

by Phil_A_Mignon 11 years ago

My wife, for years, has raved about a holiday candy she enjoyed when she was a young girl back in the late seventies,...


Sabrinac commented 8 days ago

Yum-Yum Cookies -- Does Anyone Remember?

by onebite 11 years ago

There was a cookie made by Sunshine Co. that was my childhood favorite. Called Yum-Yum cookies, it was a wafer cover...


rocketranger commented 8 days ago

Instant Ramen - Translate from Japanese to English

by ad7yn 11 days ago

Hi, what brand of ramen and what type of ramen is this? Can you please add a website link as well to where i can buy it?


ad7yn commented 9 days ago

Help me find these mints!!!

by rizzo0904 11 years ago

My neighbor and I both grew up in New England....Mass for me and NH for her. We remember these mints that came in pa...


micheala commented 11 days ago

Golden Italian Dressing?

by zackly 18 days ago

A nearby Greek restaurant/pizza joint that I frequent makes a consistently good Greek salad. They dress it with an e...


ferdinand commented 13 days ago

Lawry's Roasted Garlic, Substitute?

by fleetwoodPC 22 days ago

Lawry's Roasted Garlic was fantastic and is now discontinued. It was coarsely ground. Has anyone found a reason...


LaLa commented 21 days ago

Holiday Eggnog 2016

by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Stumbling upon three popular brands of eggnog at discounted prices at Grocery Outlet this month inspired a taste...


tre2012 commented 22 days ago

Is anyone familiar with Frick's ham?

by laredo 6 years ago

I am trying to pick out a Christmas ham and am very limited on selection. There are Cook's hams but they have 23...


Marybe49 commented 26 days ago


Can anyone remember this brand of Corn bread?

by OliveYou2 3 months ago

Does anyone remember Corn Bread sold back in the 80's that were in a box of maybe 8 or 10 and were thin squares (abou...


mrsming commented 26 days ago

Vanilla sandwich cookies from the 70s/80s

by mariahan 4 years ago

I'm trying to remember the name/manufacturer of vanilla cream sandwich cookies from my childhood. I grew up in the Mi...


jeniece125 commented 1 month ago

Nutritional Yeast - Favorite Brand?

by zigzag17 1 year ago

I'm trying to become vegan but having difficulty giving up grated parmesan and feta cheese on pasta, grains, etc. If...


MemaX2 commented 1 month ago

The Nabisco Royal Lunch Milk Crackers Dilemma

by anutternate 9 years ago

These were the best crackers around and unfortunately have been discontinued after a 90 plus year run. One of the fir...


anutternate commented 1 month ago

COOL!! Designer 'Venus de Milo' Gummies!

by Charles Yu 4 months ago

Saw this cool and interesting confectionery product!


Kaylie commented 1 month ago

Shortbread Cookies in the blue can

by Shaylala 11 years ago

I am having a craving for the shortbread cookies in the blue can. Not the holiday cookie mix blue can it was in a cof...


mattieclair commented 1 month ago

Need help findning name of a cookie brand

by Abrafam 2 months ago

I remember these light brown/tan flower shaped chocolate chip cookies that were a little over an inch in diameter and...


Abrafam commented 1 month ago

Legal Seafood packaged clam chowder works for me...

by gutreactions 3 years ago

I first tried Legal Seafood clam chowder at their original landmark restaurant in Boston years ago, then the pre-pack...


kim shook commented 1 month ago