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Not About Food

For those between-meal issues.

Is waitstaff shortage wide-spread, long-term trend?

by MidwesternerTT 1 day ago

We are part of the growing group of retired baby-boomers, and at last have both the luxury of time and financial reso...


LadyofTexas commented 1 day ago

Restricting cell phone use at restaurants...

by gutreactions 18 days ago

I have noticed more and more restaurants posting signs restricting the use of cell phones in the dining room. Obsessi...

Karl S

Karl S commented 2 days ago

No longer patronizing a restaurant because owner won't leave you alone

by bagelman01 4 days ago

Mrs. B and I have dined about 3 times each month at a particular restaurant in the area. The owners are hard working ...


justin89k commented 3 days ago

Why am I so thirsty?

by Smorgasbord 10 years ago

I've searched the site but haven't found the answer to this perhaps obvious/ridiculous query. Why is it that you can...


jewelcrowe commented 3 days ago

How much do I tip on catering delivery?

by Isolda 5 years ago

We're having food delivered and set up, but not served, for a party this weekend. What percentage of the total bill s...


dsuemor commented 8 days ago

Hosting guests when you're sick- do you do it?

by 4Snisl 5 years ago

Suppose you have invited guests to your home for a meal you are preparing, and the day before, you feel sick. Not goi...


sunshine842 commented 8 days ago

Myers Briggs and Baking

by bsugarcream 1 month ago

Yes, this is an unusual discussion but I was thinking the other day how the MBTI relates to baking. For instance, I a...


rasputina commented 12 days ago

Cashier at Magnolia Bakery in Rockefeller Center

by Monica 2 months ago

Just want to share a little story. Purchased a small banana pudding yesterday. The cashier lady said $4.25 and as ...


mushroomaffairs commented 14 days ago

Is it right for restaurants to stop seating people before closing time?

by katebauer 11 years ago

Just adding my $.02. Whether it's right or not for restaurants to stop seating people before their posted closing ti...


twizzypop commented 23 days ago

Silicone and odors. Help please.

by Candy 9 years ago

I am at a loss. My gaskets for pressure cookers and my beloved universal silicone lids have become saturated with the...


SIFHA commented 29 days ago

Plate sharing fee- why?

by lawgirl3278 11 years ago

This was brought up on my local board. Why would a restaurant charge $5 or more for people to share something? I'm ...


Madrid commented 1 month ago

Help! chili pepper on fingers and have to take out contacts soon

by relizabeth 12 years ago

hi, I'm rather stupid and diced a chili without gloves. How can i get the fire off of my fingers so I can take my...


GardenFairy commented 1 month ago

Best camera for food photography?

by DollyDagger 10 years ago

I recently read an article about the new 'Gourmet Mode' some cameras have introduced - presumably with aspiring food ...


OliverTwist77 commented 2 months ago

Dress Code, for servers

by Dagney 2 months ago

Maybe I am being a prude.... We were having lunch today at a local casual diner. It's part of a local chain, but...


Dagney commented 2 months ago

canned escargot expiration date?

by carmilla 11 years ago

Greetings, Fellow Chowhounds! After a friend passed away, I cleaned out her kitchen and found several cans of esca...


rlh1949 commented 3 months ago

Why Do Restaurants Seat Like This?

by Axalady 9 years ago

Last night my DH and I went out to dinner. It was about 6P and the restaurant was empty, only five tables seated. ...


hotoynoodle commented 3 months ago

I think I saw a mouse in frying pan....throw out or clean it?

by pearmartini 4 years ago

I have lurked for a while here. 5am my dog had something in his throat so I go to kitchen to give him a piece of ham ...


Berheenia commented 3 months ago

Parents of Adult Children: When should kids start picking up the check?

by hlawrence 4 years ago

Hello all! I recently interviewed two well-known etiquette experts for a blog article on the topic of "at what age...


rozyroan commented 3 months ago

3 drinks, up at 3am, why?

by babette feasts 7 years ago

When I was in college, I could, like most of my cohorts, drink way too much, sleep well, and function in the morning....


Jaypat74 commented 3 months ago

unscented dishwasher detergent?

by heidipie 12 years ago

I am having trouble finding a detergent for my dishwasher that really gets things clean yet does not impart a scent t...


OliverTwist77 commented 3 months ago