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Not About Food

For those between-meal issues.

Is it appropriate to give gift to bartender fro Christmas?

by rose18 6 hours ago

So, here's the thing. My partner and I have been frequenting the same bar for nearly a year or more now and there is ...


Njchicaa commented 2 hours ago

Why is this Noma book selling for $1500 on eBay?

by lamb_da_calculus 5 years ago

Ignoring the possibility that the bid is fraudulent/a joke, can anyone explain this? Here's the url: http://www.eb...


chrisbwillis commented 10 hours ago

Have you ever been ignored in a restaurant?

by Absonot 10 years ago

I had a horrible experience Friday night at one of my favorite restaurants and I need some insight. Here's what happe...


CharlieBaub commented 4 days ago

Anyone Else Dislike Cloth Napkins?

by mojoeater 11 years ago

I know I'm in the minority on this, but I do not like cloth napkins, even in a very formal setting. I understand that...


vaalaw commented 12 days ago

Are waiters assured of getting their tips if you pay by credit card?

by Howard_2 27 days ago

How are waiters assured of getting their tips when the diner pays by credit card? When you give the waiter your cr...


hotoynoodle commented 12 days ago

Silicone and odors. Help please.

by Candy 10 years ago

I am at a loss. My gaskets for pressure cookers and my beloved universal silicone lids have become saturated with the...


therealdoctorlew commented 12 days ago

Air conditioning in the restaurant.

by shaogo 9 years ago

What *is* it with some people and air conditioning in restaurants? I understand that some are prone to getting cold (...


tif_bri commented 12 days ago

Parents of Adult Children: When should kids start picking up the check?

by hlawrence 4 years ago

Hello all! I recently interviewed two well-known etiquette experts for a blog article on the topic of "at what age...


coll commented 13 days ago

Tip Etiquette: As prices rise, should my tip amount always rise?

by gutreactions 17 days ago

It might be a naïve question of tipping etiquette, but let's face it: prices have been rising across the culinary spe...


hotoynoodle commented 13 days ago

Turning down food at work because it's crap fast food, but everyone assumes it's because you're dieting

by MarleneDietrich 1 month ago

At work they sometimes cater really gross processed fast food. I don't eat it because I would enjoy my own cooking br...


ricepad commented 14 days ago

Tipping on Bottle Service

by NShewmaker 15 days ago

Hey Guys, I had a question about tipping on bottle service at a NYE party. I am generally a very generous tipper, ...


NShewmaker commented 15 days ago

Thanksgiving beyond the meal

by vanessa7 29 days ago

We are hosting our first Thanksgiving this year and I am trying to think about how to make it special beyond the meal...


vanessa7 commented 17 days ago

Is it considered an invitation to dinner?

by Jelp 1 month ago

When you knock on a families door and the person greeting you asks, we are having dinner would you like to come in? I...

Karl S

Karl S commented 22 days ago

Yuck...I'm being waited on by a sick server!

by Beach Chick 10 years ago

I just refused service from a server who was sneezing and her nose was running and she was taking her arm to catch th...


LHatchet21 commented 25 days ago

How do you serve and seat a family holiday dinner for 20?

by DeniseM 12 years ago

In all the party planning articles, books, and blogs I never find the real nitty-gritty... how do you serve a big fam...


unlikeanyheather commented 1 month ago

Plate sharing fee- why?

by lawgirl3278 11 years ago

This was brought up on my local board. Why would a restaurant charge $5 or more for people to share something? I'm ...


GH1618 commented 1 month ago

Is it OK to start eating before your host eats?

by free sample addict aka Tracy L 12 years ago

The plating vs. family style post inspired me to ask this question: Do you wait for your host/or cook of the evening ...


Anthea commented 1 month ago

A patron walks in and puts his walking cane on the bar...

by gutreactions 9 months ago

I noticed he was having trouble walking when he came in, a knee problem he later divulged. So, he takes a place at th...


scificionado commented 1 month ago

Floral Frustration

by munchkin1 2 years ago

Merry widow here was invited to a dinner party. I took flowers for the hostess for her coffee table. They were perfec...

hill food

hill food commented 1 month ago

What do you wear while you cook?

by cheesecake17 10 years ago

I usually get home from work/school, preheat the oven, and change into yoga pants and a tshirt before cooking. I'm ju...


bless commented 2 months ago