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For those between-meal issues.

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What do I wear when taking my college sweetheart out on the town?

by hychka 13 hours ago

Dr Talbot recently made a comment about hoodies and dark glasses on rock stars in 3*; and, my wife got after me just ...

PhilD commented 13 hours ago

I'm cooking lowfat for my elderly dog, post-pancreatitis and thought I'd share

by c oliver 2 years ago

My 15 y.o. dog (a Puli) had lost about 20% of her body weight from one annual exam to another. I wanted to get some ...


sldulaney commented 7 days ago

Are credit card payments cheating waitstaff?

by Howard_2 1 month ago

I have a message I would like to post on some forum frequented by restaurant waitstaff. I have not yet been able to ...


MikeG commented 29 days ago

Retire where?

by brooktroutchaser 2 years ago

A year or so from retiring. Seeking a walkable small town or beach community with mild winters, farmers market, upsca...


cavandre commented 1 month ago

Where do you keep your kitchen garbage can?

by stratford 6 years ago

Was thinking about where the ideal place for a kitchen garbage can would be and where most people place theirs. I'm ...


mellisa23 commented 1 month ago

Getting rid of fish smell after cooking...

by Rabbit 10 years ago

Apologies in advance if this is on the wrong board. I'm trying to be all health conscious, which (for me) means ea...


flappergirl425 commented 1 month ago

Picking Up Lamb Chops at Dinner?

by Bite Me 9 years ago

What's acceptable at a nice restaurant? Pick them up? Cut them with a steak knife? If you cut them, can you then f...


rahul_does commented 1 month ago

Should you tip on tax?

by josephnl 8 years ago

I have always been, I think, a reasonably generous tipper. I almost always leave 20% of the total (including tax) in...


Harters commented 1 month ago

Do you have family/friends who don't appreciate good home cooking?

by HighHeels 5 years ago

I am just gonna take a second to vent. I love to cook. I enjoy trying hard things that some people would steer clea...


suburban_mom commented 1 month ago

Do you have a chewing/tasting preference (right side vs left side of mouth)?

by racer x 4 years ago

I am right-handed and tend to favor the right side of my mouth when chewing and tasting. (Not that I don't also use ...


beevod commented 2 months ago

Open Table frustration

by Multifoiled 2 months ago

Has this happened to anyone? I waited up until the stroke of midnight last night in order to snag a Friday reservatio...

Multifoiled commented 2 months ago

Best (Funniest? Wittiest?) Food Quotes

by Pigeage 10 years ago

"Veal is a very young beef and, like a very young girlfriend, it's cute but boring and expensive." - P.J. O'Rourke


jumpingmonk commented 2 months ago

One roach found in restaurant should I call health authorities

by ey90 3 months ago

so I went into one of my favorite joint to get a cup of coffee and as i was leaving to go home I noticed a roach und...


ey90 commented 2 months ago

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Rice Bags ===> Sand Bags

by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

Spotted these colorful sand bags outside my neighborhood corner store during our recent torrents in San Francisco. Th...

18"-wide plastic wrap . . .?

by CindyJ 3 months ago

Years ago, 18"-wide plastic wrap was available in supermarkets; these days wherever I find it available, it's sized i...


wayne keyser commented 2 months ago

Help me name my family cookbook!

by alainab 2 months ago

I'm going on a high school exchange program to New Zealand in 6 (!!) days. As part of my host family gifts, I'm putt...

Multifoiled commented 2 months ago

Long Island - a place unlike any other

by Gastronomos 1 year ago

With the news printing today of Joan Reminick publishing her last review at Newsday (for a take-out gyro joint in Eas...


budcar commented 2 months ago

Looking for a nutritional culinary school

by ombra 3 months ago

Outside of the Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC and Bauman College in California, can anyone recommend a program for ...

C. Hamster commented 2 months ago

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