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How much do I tip on catering delivery?

by Isolda 7 years ago

We're having food delivered and set up, but not served, for a party this weekend. What percentage of the total bill should I tip?

What vacuum do you use at home? I need a new one and suggestions

by Autumm2 4 months ago

My 23 year old Hoover "Elite Supreme" seems to be reaching the end of it's life span. I inherited it when my grandmother passed away while in college- probably one of the few college students out ...

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I'm cooking lowfat for my elderly dog, post-pancreatitis and thought I'd share

c oliver
by c oliver 6 years ago

My 15 y.o. dog (a Puli) had lost about 20% of her body weight from one annual exam to another. I wanted to get some of that weight on her so started adding different things to her food. Basically...

Does anyone have a photo of Buddy's Sirloin Pit (Cambridge, MA)?

by GDSwamp 14 years ago

My parents were in love with Buddy's Sirloin Pit, and whenever they think of its passing, they get surprisingly close to teary. If any of you Cambridge-centric chowhounds felt similarly about the p...

Why did I bother?

by josey456 6 months ago

My husband and I were invited over to some friends for dinner. I asked “what can I bring?”. The hostess said dessert. I said great. When we get to the event with the dessert, she already has t...

Vindigo - anything even remotely like it for iPhone 3G?

by Deenso 12 years ago

I have been a Vindigo addict for years and now, suddenly, I'm lost because I got a fabulous, sexy new phone that doesn't support it. I used Vindigo a zillion times a day (OK, maybe that's just a to...

Two restaurants under one roof. Could it work?

by LuluTheMagnificent 12 years ago

I was driving home the other day and I noticed a bunch of restaurants closed at 4pm. Now, that got me to thinking, in these hard economic times if two restaurants could share the same spot. Restaur...

Mobile Payment Apps

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 7 months ago

In the time of coronavirus when we are trying to reduce contact, restaurants with reduced staff and services are reluctant to accept cash except for exact change or physically touch credit cards. S...

Dinner guest peeve

by lafarrell 6 years ago

I hosted Easter yesterday for about 15. A few days ago, an invited guest asked if she could bring her grown daughter with her (as well as her two young sons who were already coming). I agreed with ...

Do you have family/friends who don't appreciate good home cooking?

by HighHeels 8 years ago

I am just gonna take a second to vent. I love to cook. I enjoy trying hard things that some people would steer clear of. And I love learning from others, like here. But I have family who just do...

Uninvited guest

by Rascal1 11 months ago

We are having an informal party and my fairly new SIL has grown daughters who she always assumes is invited to everything our side of the family does so she invited one of them to our party. We ar...

“I won’t eat a piece of that birthday cake you blew out candles on because of germs!”

by SamuelAt 1 year ago

Recently my GF and I have become more serious and so we’ve been doing that coupley-thing—Netflixing, cooking, and generally socializing less. My GF has become a Master Chef with her slow cooker, a...

Cooking FOR OTHERS in the time of COVID-19

by soccermom13 7 months ago

I wanted to prepare some soup for a family in our condo building because one member of the family is very ill (not with COVID-19, thank goodness, but very ill nonetheless). But after reading a Chow...

Shopping in the Age of COVID-19

by kaleokahu 8 months ago

Other than the usual advice (wash and disinfect your hands, try (just try!) not to touch your face, avoid crowds and where they've been, and no handshakes, what's your strategy for avoiding the vir...

Customers spreading germs in restaurants

by Gromek 8 months ago

At the place where I work there are many international guests and due to the awareness placed on sanitation and spreading of germs I have a question. Can I as a server tell my manager id prefer no...

Plate sharing fee- why?

by lawgirl3278 13 years ago

This was brought up on my local board. Why would a restaurant charge $5 or more for people to share something? I'm sure there's a reason, but I just don't get it. How do you feel about this?

Paying with credit card: Should I tip in cash?

by johnblacksox 6 years ago

I'm never sure about this, so I'm asking the advice of wait staff and/or restaurant owners... Say my tab is $100, and I'm going to tip $20 on it. I'm paying with a credit card, but I have cash ...

Short Fingernails a "Must" for the Kitchen?

by ideabaker 11 years ago

Ok, I am laying it out here. In NY, my fairly new (on a somewhat regular basis) residence, long nails on women in particular, but also for some guys, are a big plus for gals/guys looking for out-...

Food Scars - Things you will never eat again.

by Sandwich_Sister 10 years ago

What foods will you never eat again because they remind you of bad experiences? My husband refuses to have bow tie pasta noodles in our house. I learned this after purchasing some at the store. ...

Anyone Else Dislike Cloth Napkins?

by mojoeater 13 years ago

I know I'm in the minority on this, but I do not like cloth napkins, even in a very formal setting. I understand that it is customary and expected, but it bugs me. I feel like I'm wiping my mouth o...