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ISO Liberian Ruby Red Rice in SF Bay Area

by tarheelexpat 13 days ago

Recently I watched a video (on Chowhound, I think) about chef Pierre Thiam and his Teranga restaurant in NYC. The West African food looked delicious and healthy, but I cannot find a source on the i...

Best Picnic Provisions near d'Orsay?

by Nic1111 1 month ago

Hello all! Planning our first Paris trip this November to celebrate my 40th! On a Saturday, we have lunch lined up at Le Cinq (1:30) and are thinking for dinner that evening we would like to just g...

Fuji Mart Scarsdale becoming Maruichi

by jj798 16 days ago

There's a new sign this morning with the abrupt announcement that they are becoming Maruichi on 10/4/19. So I guess ownership has changed again. If I'm reading their various FB posts correctly, the...

Trader Joe’s YAY/MEH/NAY - September 2019

by fldhkybnva 1 month ago

Happy Labor Day! It's so long to summer, and hello to fall. The days are getting shorter, the temperatures are getting cooler, and the leaves will soon be turning red, yellow and orange and the ais...

Half Smokes-above Baltimore

by kdibble 16 days ago

Does anyone know where i can buy half smokes north of Baltimore. I mean at the grocery store. If you know if a similar sausage that's ok too. Thanks

Pumpkin Donuts

by vanessanyc 18 days ago

Any suggestions for the best homemade pumpkin donuts in Manhattan?

Where to buy superfine sugar?

by LilBrownBat 6 years ago

Seems to me that you used to be able to buy superfine sugar in the supermarket, but no more. Anyone know for sure where in the greater Boston area it can be bought?

Best shopping for Jewish New Year?

by gutreactions 29 days ago

It's time for Rosh Hashanah, Sept. 29th, the Jewish New Year, ending with Yom Kippur! Where do you find the best foods for the celebration and breaking the fast in the metro area? Been hearing abou...

Seth Greenberg's Just Desserts opens softly in Larchmont...

by gutreactions 20 days ago

After walking thru the busy Larchmont Farmers Market this morning, I walked over to Seth Greenberg's Just Desserts, his cozy new bake shop on Palmer Ave., next to Lusardi's. Lucky to get a 10% disc...

Where to buy rice wine?

by sparkyk 8 years ago

Having a very hard time finding rice wine (not vinegar) which is frequently listed ingredient in Chinese cooking. Checked Whole Foods, Galleria, different liquor places. Anyone have any ideas for...

Fresh Croutons?

by nuraman00 20 days ago

I used to get fresh baked croutons from the Acme Bakery in San Francisco. 8 oz, for about $3.50. My commute has changed and I will no longer be going to San Francisco too often. Is there som...

ACME Market to close in Eastchester...

by gutreactions 2 months ago

News 12 Westchester is reporting that ACME Market on White Plains Road in Eastchester/Scarsdale will be closing by November. They do, however, have other stores in the county, including nearby Bron...


by meghany 22 days ago

Anyone know where I can get canned hominy in Vancouver (or surrounding)? I've only ever seen it in the States and really don't want to have to drive down just for that... please and thanks!

Yam or Casava Flour

by rowjo 1 month ago

Where can I purchase Yam or Cassava flour in Los Angeles? I’m making some Bolivian Cheese Appetizers and need this ingredient. I’m in San Fernando Valley... so the closer to the valley the better. ...

Farmer's Markets

by kySafran 22 days ago

I visited a farmer's market recently and as always bought far more than I'd planned to. It's a joy interacting with the vendors who have a passion for their high-grade produce. It inspires me to up...

Kraft American Cheese in a BLUE BOX? Where?

by thakrza 12 years ago

This is an integral recipe ingredient for a dip that I crave every once in awhile (Pancho's Cheese Dip--they sell it in TN, AR,MS). I used to buy it at Albertson's in Portland, OR but we just move...

food shopping at Winners

by prima 6 years ago

Noticed Torani syrups, Tazo tea, several brands of coffee, pasta, pasta sauce, olive oil, balsamic and kettle corn at the Winners near SLM. Anyone have recs for food bought at Winners lately?

Kielbasa Factory, Everything Polish in Rockville

by Steve 28 days ago

Of course they have kielbasa at Kielbasa Factory, but the name of the market implies limitations. Turns out that this is an essential stop to eat a variety of serious Polish food aside from sausag...

Boutique Crenn pastry pop-up, 9/13 & 14, SF

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 month ago

"Cancel the flight to Paris. Hayes Valley is where it’s at. Boutique Crenn will be hosting its very first pastry pop up, featuring a selection from @dominiquecrenn’s latest patisserie/boulangerie, ...

best store or retailer carrying wild mushrooms in Vancouver

by ume 10 years ago

Just wanted to know if anybody can suggest a good wild mushroom store or retailer in Vancouver - I'm looking for some chanterelles and lobster mushrooms right now and later on some matsutakes. I...