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Good source for vinegars, extracts, etc. in town?

by mark 21 years ago

Just moved to LA recently after several years in NYC (still the center of the universe, IMHO), and I'm trying to feel my way around town -- it's a BIG town, mind you, and I'm still rather clueless ...

Bouley Bakery

by curiosity 21 years ago

My friends are making a reservation at Bouley Bakery for Sat. night. Just curious what to expect, i.e. go with tasting menu or a la carte? What are specialties etc. Amazingly enough I've never gott...

farmers market and tasteless corn

by joan 21 years ago

I'm making a determined effort to shop at the farmers markets, to hell with the higher cost. our local farmers deserve it for providing us with fresh, and sometimes organic food, even if i cant rea...

Mexican groceries in S. Philly

by Gabriel Solis 21 years ago

I shopped at Variety Veracruzano the other day (Washington between 9th and 10th). Is this the mexican market on the south side that the Enquirer had in its article on local ethnic groceries a coup...

Opinions re: best italian bakery and...

by eric 21 years ago

best screwdriver. what a combo, huh? (In my travels thus far, the best screwdriver I've had is at Houston's in Phoenix.) Is there a bar in New York that can challenge it? BTW, thanks so much fo...

new Jackson Heights Farmers' Market

by Sue Cummings 21 years ago

Has anyone else checked this out since it opened several weeks ago? It's apparently running every Sunday at the playground on 34th Ave. in the high 70s. The B/F has been to this the last two Sun...

Source for Juniper berries

by suzy 21 years ago

I bought some of the most delicious sauerkraut I ever had at a take-out counter in the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia. It had Juniper berries in it, but I haven't been able to find a mail...

Tulsa Bakery

by Betty 21 years ago

Tuesday the boss & I were in Tulsa for a meeting. She said that afterwards we were going someplace really important she had discovered & that she knew I'd want to see. She'd discovered it during a ...

french bakery in north jersey or rockland?

by Lynne 21 years ago

Hi. I need authentic brioche for a recipe (for tomorrow - yikes!) and don't know where to find one. Any suggestions would be humbly appreciated. Thanks! Lynne

Where can I buy a Tortilla Press??

by Gaby 21 years ago

Does anyone know a site where I can buy a Tortilla Press?? I would like to make mexican tortillas.

Bouley Bakery brunch horror

by Peter Cuce 21 years ago

In the past, when people posted their Bouley Bakery horror stories, I understood that they were true, but couldn't jive them with my own experiences at the place. I have eaten in the main dining ro...

farmer's markets Northern NJ

by Liza 21 years ago

I'm looking forward to a few days off in Bergen County around July 4th. Hoping to do a LOT of cooking and was wondering if there are any farmers market or farm stands in the vicinity. Any help? Man...

Park Avenue Retail Market

by Ed 21 years ago

Does the Park Avenue Retail Market still exist? Is it still as cool a place as I remember? Thirty Five years ago I worked for an egg and cheese wholesaler in the East Village who had a booth there.

Great Bakery in College Point???

by Steve 21 years ago

Awhile ago someone wrote about a great bakery in College Point, Queens. I tried to do a search but could not find it. Does anyone know which bakery was mentioned? Thanks, Steve

Max's Bakery and general Central Valley comments

by Ed 21 years ago

When reading posts about the Central Valley by people such as myself who live here, passers through should realize that everything I say is graded on a curve. If you have just come from the Napa V...

Sevan Bakery

by Justin Kerber 21 years ago

I drove through Watertown on Mt. Auburn Street yesterday, and it reminded me of a place that belongs in my heart and on this discussion board...the best middle eastern grocery stores in the city th...

Columbus Bakery on 1st Ave/53(?)

by Lisa Z 21 years ago

In my expanding search for a decent lunch in the East 50s, I headed over to 1st Avenue and was amazed to find Columbus Bakery (somewhere between 54th and 52nd). They've done a pretty good job of ...

Indian groceries and jackfruit

by John Fladd 21 years ago

Is there an Indian grocery store anywhere in Southern Vermont or New Hampshire - I'm trying to learn how to cook Indian and can't find most of the spices. Also, is there anywhere I might find ja...

Barcelona Gourmet (Bakery on Amsterdam/99th)?

by Jayask 22 years ago

Can somebody tell me about this bakery? What kind of stuff do they have? Do they have churros and really thick hot chocolate like they do in Barcelona? Is it a place with small tables like a cafe?...

Grocery on Smith St.

by Cathy 22 years ago

I have been avoiding all the Smith Street restaurants like the plague, but last night I relented and went to Grocery. When we sat down, they brought a little free taste of a fuji apple salad with...

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